Musculoskeletal Anatomy DVD Set

I’d Like To Teach You the MUSCLES and the BONES of the Body by TELLING you and SHOWING You!

  • Are you a VISUAL LEARNER more so than an auditory one? 
  • Are you having challenges remembering a muscle or bone name because you can’t PRONOUNCE it correctly?
  • Are you having problems “cracking” the study books but would LISTEN and WATCH someone TELLING you and SHOWING you about muscles and bones?
Well I have an answer for you! This 2 DVD set was created with YOU in mind!  I have taken one DVD and talked to you and showed you the skeletal system using a real, live, honest-to-goodness skeleton (okay, it’s plastic!).  Two hours worth of bones, bony landmarks, and joints are presented to you by me – someone different than whoever first taught you.  Who knows, maybe HEARING and SEEING again and again from a DIFFERENT INSTRUCTOR will imprint those bones and landmarks into your brain!This is skeletal system DVD is followed with a two hour DVD on the muscular system DVD.  I tell you about HOW MUSCLES are NAMED, WHAT a LEVER SYSTEM is, THE ORIGINS AND INSERTIONS of the muscles, HOW MUSCLE FIBERS ARE ARRANGED, etc.  So, in two hours, you have HEARD and SEEN (using my body to demo), about the MAJOR MUSCLES of the HUMAN BODY in an applicable way!How will all of this help YOU?
  • You can LEARN O’s, I’s, and muscle ACTIONS will on your treadmill!  So, you can MULTI-TASK, save TIME and still be studying!
  • You can practice PRONUNCIATIONS of bones and muscles so you have better understanding and recall!
  • YOU CAN PAUSE, REWIND, ETC., THE DVD for effect so you can REPEAT and REPEAT!

I’ve been teaching for almost 30 years now and my teaching experience and expertise can only HELP YOU!  So, for just a small investment on your part, you can gain a HUGE BENEFIT!Time is of the essence!  Order this DVD set now and get “studying”!



 Musculoskeletal Anatomy DVD Set

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To your success!

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