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Dear Fellow Fitness Enthusiast,

I remember when I got my first job right out of graduate school. I got hired by a small college to teach and coach. I was like a kid in a candy shop! They were paying me to PLAY! I could spend virtually half my day in the gym and it was considered a job!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!

Well, as the years have passed I have ventured further from that gym and the physical activity that I love. Now I am an adult who spends more time behind a desk and in “street clothes” than in the gym running around!

Can you relate?

Are you one of those people who… LOVES the challenge of taking tests? How about someone who likes to learn something NEW?! Maybe you are one of those people who likes to add credentials to your resume???! How about those of us who just don’t know how to get more fit and healthy???? Perhaps you have a friend or family member who needs help in becoming well??? Pick one, pick ‘em all, whatever your motivation…

The Paybacks From Being a Certified Personal Trainer Are Numerous

If You Don't Get These Study Materials As Your First Step In This Process, It Could Cost You EVEN MORE In Unhappiness, Lack Of Purpose and Fulfillment, Poor Health, Etc., Etc. AND WE Both Know That You Have Passed Up On Potential Clients Like Your Existing Clientele, Friends, Fellow Gym Members, And Family Members That Could Use Your Help! At $$$$50 Per HOUR, You Have Passed Up Lots Of Opportunities To Use Your Mind To Save Your Body, Now Haven’t You?!!!

...So What REALLY Makes Getting Certified as a Personal Trainer So SPECIAL????

Think of it…

Traditional businesses with an already well
                        established business offline looking to enhance
                        their exposure online and provide more
                        professional credibility with a website


Gives you an INCREASED SCOPE OF PRACTICE and YOUR CREDIBILITY AS A PROFESSIONAL because you can prescribe water and discuss food intake AND give a program of therapeutic stretches and weight exercises to your clients!!!

Business owners interested in making sure
                        that their website is a powerful profit center
                        that pays for well being a 24/7
                        online billboard promoting their business


Gives you the FREEDOM to work for yourself and EVEN the potential to work from home! 

First-timers to the Internet looking to
                        plan their first initial website - and
                        interested in not only making a site, but also
                        making money!

Gives you a NATIONAL certification which is recognized ALL across the U.S.!!!


Everyone concerned with the most effective,
                        proven, real-world revenue strategies for
                        planning and running a profitable website based
                        on ROI!


Gives you a CREDENTIAL from the most well-respected health and fitness organization in the world – the American College of Sports Medicine!


So, Take the First Step. It's Time to Stop Wishing you were certified as a Personal Trainer.

Take Action!

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And it won’t take forever nor will it take tons of $$$$ to get certified, because now you can get this unique study materials I've written PLUS use the ACTION PLAN for HOW TO PASS A RECOGNIZE PERSONAL TRAINER CERTIFICATION EXAM SUCH AS ACSM, ACE, AFAA, or NASM, to become a certified Personal Trainer!  

Once you experience the concepts presented, you’ll realize that you won't have to spend hours going through some huge stack of references purchased from some lesser credentialing body in preparing yourself for YOUR NEW CAREER!!! I’ve made it SO SIMPLE!!!

Here's just a fraction of what you will experience with this STUDY MATERIALS AND the ACTION PLAN for HOW TO PASS A RECOGNIZED PERSONAL TRAINER CERTIFICATION EXAM:

Strategically position your business in
                        fierce market competition



Strategically position your business in
                        fierce market competition

Ten planned lessons complete with assigned readings and exercises.


Enhance your offline business with a
                        professional internet presence

Content that you can use for training yourself and your friends and family even if you don’t take a certification test.


Dominate your industry with 15 insider web
                        secrets to out-market the competition online

Step-by-step instructions to move you through the process of meeting the client to setting up the workout program.


Organize 20 powerful internet marketing
                        techniques for stampeding traffic to your

Helpful information about continuing education needs after receiving your personal trainer certification.


Identify the best ways to build your link
                        partners online

Charts on resistance training exercises that lead you through the proper order and selection for each of the major body parts.


Explode your massive traffic through
                        newsletters, ezines, and press releases

Health benefits to encourage and motivate clients of the value of each component of physical fitness.


Explode your massive traffic through
                        newsletters, ezines, and press releases

Ideas for motivating YOURSELF to a more healthy, satisfying lifestyle!


                        all about how to instantly drive high quality
                        traffic to your site with pay per click

Ideas for motivating clients OR your friends and family members through goal-setting, rewards, affirmations, etc.


                        and plan for auto-responders that will allow
                        your business to run on autopilot

Specific directions on calculating and/or taking body measures such as skinfolds, girths, BMIs, resting metabolic rate, target weight, etc.


                        over 12 different funding strategies for your
                        business...including small business government

References that are readable and usable to build your new library as a personal trainer.


                        access to over 400 business start-up and
                        expansion funding resources

Suggestions for liability insurance, organization membership, conference attendance.


                        access to over 400 business start-up and
                        expansion funding resources

Procedure for registering for the ACSM exam site nearest you.


                        access to over 400 business start-up and
                        expansion funding resources

An opportunity to get a certification from a GOLD STANDARD professional organization!



Think about it, you can skip the HARDEST part of trying to figure out how to become a personal trainer…I’ve got it covered!!!!


FOR as little as $69 dollars, you can be in business!


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You're my customer. And if you're not happy, it looks bad on me. So if you don’t pass the ACSM certification exam AFTER using my STUDY MATERIALS then I will reimburse you 100% of the initial cost. No questions asked – IT’S on ME! You can even keep the study materials!


Okay? So you really can't lose! You ARE going to get CERTIFIED,no matter what!!!

Why should YOU listen to me???


Chances are you haven’t heard of me but my name is Kim Fischer, Ph.D., CSCS, cPT, cHFS. All these initials are worth nothing unless you know that I have been teaching university health promotion and fitness/wellness courses for over 28 years, teaching workshops for getting folks certified as personal trainers and for helping others seeking licensure as a massage therapist. I have taught and/or trained thousands of people!! I have developed and taught course curricula for personal training, anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, wellness, and exercise physiology, just to name a few. I have trained people as a certified trainer through ACSM, as a health and fitness specialist through ACSM, and as an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. I know the body and I know the principles of training! AND, BEST OF ALL, I can DRIVE you toward your goal! Click here to read my bio.

Isn't It Time To Take THIS Opportunity?

How many times have you done something and said to yourself afterward,

“That wasn’t so bad, why did I WAIT so long to do that?”

Four reasons why you'll be eternally grateful that you're taking action right now:

  1. Save Money! You can attend a workshop for $400+ or buy tons of suggested resources for $100’s - or you can get all of the best suggestions, content, advice, references, directions, ideas, lessons, and instructions for under $300!

  2. Make Money! With this certification, you can train people ANYWHERE!!! You can use your brain rather than your body, an especially GREAT option if you are tired or injured! You can double-dip your clientele so you only need ½ the clients! And, your scope of practice increases DRAMATICALLY if you are an LMT!

  3. Save Time! I teach you what you need to know! I give you a step-by-step plan for getting through the material and taking the certification exam in record time. And, time is Money!  

  4. No Risk! I have a 100% risk-free guarantee.  If you don’t pass the certification exam, you take the workshop again for FREE!!!

People achieve faster results if they have someone who has already achieved, guiding them!


I know of people who want to be trainers or want to know about their own fitness that spend lots of $$$$ and energy on texts, study guides, and CDs/DVDs that they COULD study to get certified. I have had these same people come to me and ask me for help because they haven’t been motivated to “crack” the covers of all these volumes that have been shipped to them. They were too intimated and overwhelmed by the volume and the depth of content! They would rather have someone else “break out” the important ideas and tell them what they are!!! So, I have taken the recommended “reads” and done just that. With this study guide/workbook that is just a little over 100 pages, I have given you content you need, case studies and nutritional calculations to practice, and the suggestions for additional resources that you can purchase IF YOU WANT to AFTER you pass the exam. That’s when a person should build their personal training library! And you need help from someone who knows, to know what to purchase because all of it looks GOOD!


FOR as little as $69 dollars, you can be in business!

Click here to purchase a digital copy

Click here to purchase a hard copy

Heck, I’m not even asking for $151 which would be the price of the recommended texts from ACSM, so what do you have to lose???? I have done all the ground work and I WILL BE AVAILABLE TO YOU UNTIL YOU TAKE THE EXAM!!!! If you need help, I am a phone call or an email away!

I Recommend Getting Certified through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Because they are considered to be the GOLD STANDARD of personal trainer certifying organziations. Every other organization in the field acknowledges ACSM as the “top dog” in the HEALTH AND FITNESS industry. And for only $69 as opposed to the cost the recommended texts from ASCM for $151, I can prepare you to take a nationally recognized personal trainer certification exam.

IF you are a massage therapist and reading this, I would say…Rather than learn more about traeger or myofascial release or trigger point therapy, etc. which is legitimately valuable information EXCEPT if you can’t practice because you are hurt/injured or tired, add something NEW and ATTRACTIVE to a broader client base and potential employers!

IF you aren’t a massage therapist and are reading this, I would say…YOU GET MORE $$$ from any gym IF you have a VALID, RECOGNIZED credential in the field!

“Wow, This is a REALLY Small Investment!

So What's The Catch?”

Well, it's really quite simple. I’m interested in getting more people in this country healthy. Because I, like you, care deeply about my health and I want to help others with theirs too. So, why should you believe me, that I care, I mean? Here’s what some past workshop participants have said…

Yes, I paid for the workshop, but what I've gotten in return has been worth ten times what I paid....

I just want to say thank you again for your wonderful workshop and all the great information you provided and continue to provide. Easily. In fact, young lady, I think you need to expand!...Wherever you wanted! You simply have a wealth of well-structured information to offer, Kim, and I think you're sitting on goldmine!...Thank you for providing all your intake paperwork! I have indeed made it my own.
...I'm continuing to drop weight slowly but surely and have enrolled in the National Weight Control Registry as you suggested. I just sent back my first questionnaires as a member of the registry late last week. I also recently purchased a heart monitor and can't figure out how I ever worked out effectively before I had one! LOL!! My workouts feel much more efficient with it.

Stephani Stewart, Inner Balance Massage Therapy, Second Chance Personal Fitness


"This awesome book showed me all the aspects of personal training in a compact packet that was worth the money.  Not only did it help me pass the ACSM exam but I know I'll still refer back to it while in my practice, which goes to show it's a good investment!”

Erika Monday, LMT, cPT, Columbus, Ohio


Though my background is in both physical therapy and massage therapy, had I not taken Kim's class I would not have been nearly as confident going into the exam.  I wouldn't have known how to tackle the massive information I needed to know in order to pass this exam on my own.
I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in fitness and healthy living. I have been working out for over 10 years and Kim's workshop taught me so many things I didn't know about these topics.  She set apart fact versus fiction and was always willing to answer any question I had.  It was a very "hands-on" class which has helped me to feel confident in starting to train my own clients.
Kim's workshop not only prepared me for the personal training exam, but also taught me practical advice that I can apply to my own workouts. I am excited to start myself on a new program with my new knowledge.
Kim's love of teaching is evident in her commitment to help each student feel as confident as they can about the material.  Her sense of humor and love of life are contagious. 
Thanks for helping me reach my goal!
Jill McMahon, PTA, LMT, cPT



I have taken my MANY years of experience in the fitness field, combined it with over 28 years of teaching experience with massage therapy, personal training, and traditional and non-traditional age college students, my multitude of opportunities to make exams and tutor students in studying and testing AND my skills in writing (the Ph.D. came in handy for something!) to take all the absolutely essential information that a person needs to pass a recognized personal trainer exam such as ACSM, ACE, AFAA, and NASM, AND to train people and put it in these study materials. I’ve made it so EASY!


In How to Become a Recognized Certified Personal Trainer…

  • Professional considerations such as membership, certification, continuing education, liability insurance, journals, texts, conferences, code of professional ethics
  • Kinesiology including bony skeleton, joint, muscular system, joint range of motion and planes of movement, joint actions
  • Components of physical fitness including cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, muscular fitness, body composition
  • Nutrition and weight management
  • Fitness assessment procedure including intake with medical history, PAR-Q, and proper pre-exercise measurements including resting heart rate, blood pressure, girth measures and skinfold measures
  • Liability issues including presentation of forms for assumption of risk, informed consent, physician’s clearance
  • Discussion and application of coronary risk factors during medical history intake
  • Proper procedure for testing cardiovascular fitness, flexibility of low back and hips, muscular endurance and strength and body composition
  • Safety management with discussion of indications for stopping an exercise
  • Exercise prescription and programming for the major components of physical fitness
  • Recommendations for resistance training and setting up programs
  • Exercise recommendations for selected populations such as children, seniors, pregnant populations
  • Changing human behavior and effectively programming and motivating clients to continue exercise activity

Get Started Now! The Reasons are Overwhelming…

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It's Easy! You don’t have to sort through piles of notes or books! This study guide is written and designed by someone who is well-versed in writing so it is understandable to you!

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Study Materials for How to Pass a Recognized Personal Trainer Certification Exam

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To your success!

Kim Fischer, Ph.D.

Founder, Empowered by Learning, LLC


P.S. Act now…the health and fitness industry is booming!!! You need to be a part of it!!! These study materials are NOT available anywhere else. Don’t hesitate, don’t spend another cent on other books or courses that will gather dust or cost a mint!

...and move forward toward BEING a certified personal trainer from the most respected professional organization in the industry!

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Act NOW and don’t let this chance slip through your fingers! If you DESERVE to be a certified personal trainer with a whole host of clients.


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