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Principles of Anatomy and Physiology Lecture Audio Files

HALF the SMB exam is basic science! Hearing the anatomy and physiology content of this exam REPEATEDLY helps you learn the concepts, pronounce the terms, and understand where you did’t before. Hearing the AP from ME helps you because I say things in a different way than you have heard them before. HEARING this material allows you to multi-task, especially useful if you drive a lot or you want to work out and study at the same time. These lecture audio files include 26 lectures over the content common to most anatomy and physiology texts/courses.

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One-on-One Tutoring

For those persons finding that the material is presented too quickly in class to “grasp” or that the volume of material is overwhelming, I can help you. I have served as a tutor to many students over my career. I enjoy helping students understand difficult content. Many people request my help when they have struggled with passing Anatomy & Physiology courses for massage therapists or are attempting to raise their grade in a course. I have had success helping with test-taking skills and study strategies as well as content concerns. Tutoring typically occurs in person at a convenient location but I have also tutored persons by phone with some success.

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Musculoskeletal Anatomy DVD Set

Do you consider yourself more of a VISUAL LEARNER than an auditory one?  Would you rather SEE the muscles on a body than just hear about them?  Don’t know the origins and insertions of the muscles let alone where they are and WHAT MOVEMENTS THEY CAUSE?  Well, I’ll SHOW you while I TELL you about the bony landmarks that the muscles are attached to!  This 2 DVD set includes a 40+ page outline to follow as you SEE and HEAR about the skeletal system and the muscular system.  Made for the person who wants to WATCH this repeatedly on a TV or computer, this 2 DVD set of 4 hours of  MUSCULOSKELETAL ANATOMY content will help anyone to learn or refresh their knowledge of these important bones and muscles.

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Study Materials for Passing a Recognized Personal Trainer Certification Exam

If you have a degree in exercise science, health promotion and fitness, or some related area, you might not need a course. Then again, you might want to "refresh" on the pertinent information and "narrow" the content you might be asked about. So, purchase this study outline to “brush up” on exam content! Included is a syllabus with 10 lessons to guide you in focusing and organizing around ONLY the content you need to know. Use the ACTION PLAN for HOW TO PASS A RECOGNIZED PERSONAL TRAINER CERTIFCATION EXAM that accompanies the study materials to help you with the procedure to register for the exam and other valuable hints to be successful. Another benefit…You have easy access to me if you have questions!

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Personal Training/Wellcoaching

Are you looking for support in creating greater happiness, self-esteem, satisfaction, purpose, professional and personal success in your life? Well, I’m looking for people who are ready to commit to doing whatever it takes! Whether it is shedding a few pounds, finding ways to release your stress, creating more time for you, or enjoying the benefits of activity, I am excited to help YOU! I only have time to work with a few people, but if you are ready to GET results, I’d LOVE to work with you to get them! Let’s see if this might work for both of us!

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