Stop Struggling To Understand Anatomy and Physiology Concepts And Pass Chapter Tests On Your Own…Let Me Help You by Tutoring You One on One!


  • Do you have difficulties pronouncing AP terms?
  • Are your chapter test scores less than what you want?
  • Do you have trouble understanding what the test questions are asking you?
  • How about study time?
  • Not getting the scores you should with all the studying you are doing?

If this sounds true, I’m here to help you!

We can work together to change all of this so your study time is more productive, your test scores are higher and you are happier as a result!

Here are a few past “tutees”, as I call them, and what they have said working with me has done for them…

...Thanks to Kim’s care and her passion for anatomy..

I failed another test in Anatomy. I was so discouraged that I was in tears. I had studied so hard for the test that I had just taken. A teacher suggested that I call Kim for help. So I did. I was so hopeless and almost in tears and left a message on her cell phone. She called me back later that night and I scheduled a tutoring session with her. Thanks to Kim’s care and her passion for anatomy, she was able to come down to my level and help me! With her help for six months prior to that exam and a lot of hard work, I was prepared and passed the state medical board exam!

Michelle Morrison, LMT, Rest for the Stressed, Newark, Ohio


...She explained things in different ways until I “got it”! ...

A one-on-one tutoring opportunity came to me in my schooling at AIAM. It was the lifesaver in helping me understand the AP content, become a better test-taker, and improve on my study habits. I know myself pretty well but having someone there to guide me and support and cheerlead me really helped! Kim was patient with me, willing to meet frequently, and drew pictures of the AP concepts which helped because I do better with pictures. She explained things in different ways until I “got it”!


Brenda McElroy, LMT, Columbus, Ohio

I can help you by being there to…

1. Alleviate the overwhelm of having to learn all the “stuff” on your own.

2. Help you organize the material by “chunking” it down!

3. Catch anything you might not understand and clear your confusion!

4. Teach and help you practice methodical test-taking strategies!

5. Simplify study tools and study time to decrease feelings of overload!

6. Give you all the help, support, and guidance you need!

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To your success!

Kim Fischer, Ph.D.

Founder, Empowered by Learning, LLC


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